More Blessed to Give than Receive

I love crochet for so many reasons, but the biggest reason why I love crochet is because I can make handmade heirlooms to give as gifts to my family, friends, and even complete strangers. I especially love recreating patterns from pieces my Grandma crocheted. For my cousins Karee and Khloe, I made matching shawls that are replicas of a shawl I received when I was around four years old. It was a sparkly purple triangle shawl with fringe around the edges. I can remember wearing the shawl–it was perfect for Colorado Springs weather (which was where we were living at the time). Because I received that first shawl when I was so young, I still have a fascination for these handmade garments. Aren’t these girls so beautiful in their shawls?

My mom and I also just finished our first joint project. It was a wedding present for my Aunt Cheryl and new Uncle Doug: a gingham afghan made of miniature granny squares. We were so proud when they opened the gift. I love the expressions on Aunt Cheryl’s face in this picture:


Krissie loved the little hoodie I made for baby Addy. All these gifts were hand-crocheted with love and prayers.