Potter Mania

Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil the ending for anyone who might be still reading their copy of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows. Just thought I would preface with that so those who read my blog will continue to read this post.

I did go to a book store on Friday night at midnight for the release of the seventh installment. My parents braved the crowd with me to wait in line for my book. Luckily it only took us about twenty-five minutes once midnight hit, so we were out of there before anyone could spoil it for everyone. I came home, grabbed some midnight stash and started reading. It took me almost exactly twelve hours to read the book from start to finish. I’m still trying to catch up on sleep from staying up all night.

Leading up to The Deathly Hallows debut, I decided to put my needles together Molly Weasley-style and do my knitterly thing. (I was disappointed that the book Charmed Knitting:Projects for Fans of Harry Potter didn’t contain more patterns for simpler blankets, like the patchwork stash blanket that Ron uses at Hogwarts throughout the movies. Not that I don’t love the book, I think some of the design are brilliant, I just probably won’t ever make the Weasley Clock Blanket. But I digress.) I wanted to have a nice snuggle-ghan to read with that would also show allegiance to Harry, so I came up with this design, which I call “House Unity”:It is a combinations of knit and crocheted squares, which further combines the House Unity theme. It also uses the four house colors-Scarlet and Gold, Green and Silver, Blue and Bronze, Yellow and Black.The striped Griffyndor and Slytherin squares are knit and the checkered Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff squares are crocheted.I crocheted the squares together to give it a patchwork look, as well as make for a strong join.
It took me a little over a week to make this blanket. After I sewed all the squares together, I added a thick border that alternates colors and rows of half-double and double crochet.This is one of my many favorites. It fits my lap perfectly, just the right size to cover my legs when curled up with my Harry Potter books, or the many other books that I read. (I keep reminding myself that there are still books after Harry Potter, now that I’ve finished reading them for now.)

Molly Weasley is probably my favorite, besides Harry of course. Who wouldn’t love the woman who knits sweaters for her family members each year for Christmas?

2 thoughts on “Potter Mania

  1. I love your blanket and thank you for nto spoiling the book because I have not even started it yet!I was at the latest film last weekend and was looking at all the knitted items in it, wondering what I could make. I loved Ron’s blanket and may have to try recreating it some time …. a lot of time studying the DVDs with a pause button I think for that one! lol


  2. Hi, I found this post through a Google search for Ron Weasley’s dorm blanket. I love that blanket and was hoping I could find some pictures of the whole thing spread out or a pattern of some kind. Your version looks great! Wonderful idea to combine knitting and crocheting. I thought with all the interest in the handmade items in the HP movies, one of the yarn houses would publish some patterns. Charmed Knits sounds so-so, not what most people are looking for. Oh well, glad to have found your blog and your blanket! Thanks!


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