Yes V-Day was this week, and no, I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day (let’s not talk about “Single’s Awareness Day,” okay? thanks). I’m talking about baby Violet’s birthday! Yes, my beautiful niece entered the world this past week and I’m so happy she’s here!!!! Little Violet has captured everyone’s heart, just in time for the Love holiday. Mom and baby are both doing great, and our family is blessed to have this little darling in our lives.

While waiting for Violet to make her debut (she took her sweet little time), I worked on these in the hospital room:
Lil Miss Priss Hats in child-size for my cousins! They all requested bows instead of flowers, and I think these hats turned out so cute. I had some different color combos that I haven’t used before, so it was fun to see how each one would turn out. I can’t wait until Violet gets big enough to wear her Lil Miss Priss Hat I made for her.

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