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After some skillful persuasion on my part over the last couple of weeks and months, my mom decided to venture out onto her own blogspot blog. She has been blogging on Caring Bridge for over a year now about our family’s journey through Heather’s cancer, but now that Heather is gone, my mom felt that as part of the grieving process it would be good to start a new blog about her new journey. She has appropriately titled it “Confessions of a Grieving Mother.” Check out her blog to read her heartfelt posts.

So if you couldn’t tell from the pics I’ve been posting, my family went to Disneyland two weeks ago. The above photo is one of myself, my niece Violet, and my mom. A sock project managed to make it with me onto the airplane, and I didn’t even get stopped at security going out or coming back for having four pointy sticks, some yarn needles, and a pair of blunt-ended scissors in my carry-on.
I think we all need to be concerned…security is definitely slacking off these days…

2 thoughts on “One More Blog in the World

  1. Hi Jenn-I love the lil' miss priss hats you made for my girls and I was wondering how they are suppose to be worn, like above the ears like a hat or over the ears like a beanie? I am afraid they are going to be too small this winter, can I special order larger ones that match their winter coats?


  2. They can be worn either way I guess, but I mostly see people wearing them over the ears like a beanie. The hats I made for your girls were the first time I made them for babies, so I wasn't sure how to size them. I do have a "child" size that is bigger. It may be big for your girls this winter, but they would be able to grow into it if that's the case.If you want to special order just send me an email at kountingsheep[at]yahoo[dot]com and we'll work out the details.


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