Crocheted Lace

I’m surprised I never realized this before a few weeks ago, but my love of making lace items began way before I even knew how to knit. My grandma loved to crochet, especially intricate doilies using tiny steel crochet hooks and crochet cotton thread. Every surface of her house was adorned with a hand-crocheted lace masterpiece, and this trend trickled down to my mom too. And it’s no surprise that it’s trickled down to me. I first learned to crochet when I was twelve, and shortly thereafter learned to make thread doilies. When I see all the different doilies throughout my mom’s house, it’s hard to remember which ones were made by me and which ones were made by my grandma. Whenever I’m in a thrift store, it’s hard to pass up a hand-crocheted doily. It makes me happy to see that these vintage treasures are becoming somewhat trendy again, because my love for a hand-crocheted doily hasn’t faded over the years, and doilies aren’t just for grandmas anymore! (At least in my opinion.)

When I thoroughly sorted through my stash a couple months ago before I moved, I rediscovered a bunch of crochet cotton that I inherited from my grandma after she passed away. A few weeks ago I decided to pick up my steel crochet hooks and start cranking out some doilies. As soon as I started making the first one, the memories of my grandma started flooding back; happy memories of watching her when I was a child holding her crochet hook like a pencil, long red nails clicking against the steel, busily crocheting a doily oftentimes from a pattern long gone but still present in her mind.

The thread I’m using used to be white, but over the years it’s already aged in the stash (who knows how long they were in my grandma’s stash before they were in mine!), and the yarn has yellowed beautifully. The doilies I’ve finished already have a nice vintage look to them, even though they are freshly made. I’m looking forward to making many more doilies over the next few months. My goal, though, is to one day make a thread tablecloth. My grandma would make a thread tablecloth as an heirloom wedding gift for special people in her life, and I would like to have one of my own someday. My mom still has her wedding tablecloth made by grandma, and it has come out for many a special occasion in my house growing up. Carrying on the tradition of crochet was the very reason why I learned how to do it in the first place, so I hope to continue the tradition of thread crochet too.