A New Spin on Holidays

The holidays are definitely different now with a significant other.

I had been single for many years, and it was never more poignant than around holiday time. But this year is different. I’m especially thankful that my fiance was thoughtful enough to propose before the holidays so we could spend them together engaged (even if it makes for perhaps a busier time wedding planning). Spending Thanksgiving weekend with my fiance and my family made this year one of my favorites. It was fun to introduce him to my family traditions, as well as think through starting our own. We put up a tree in his apartment, filled with all of my childhood ornaments; this tree is our first tree together, so it was really special for both of us to decorate it.

I also had lots of time over the 4-day weekend to work on some wedding crafting. I love the idea of a DIY, handmade wedding, so there are lots of things that I’m making myself or having others help make. I was able to finish all of the favors, get the invitations ready, and make all of the guys’ boutonnieres, all with some help from my fiance, of course. My parents took our engagement pictures this weekend as well (sample posted above). I’m very pleased with how things are coming together for the wedding, but more importantly, I’m excited about starting a new life with my best friend.

In other happy news, my future husband will be starting a new job in January that will allow me to be a full-time wife at home once we are married. I’m so thrilled about being able to devote all of my time to being domestic and pursuing my artistic endeavors, which is a dream of mine. This means that my fiber arts will have a significant increase, since I will be able to devote myself full-time to it as well. God is so kind to us, to allow my fiance to get a really great new job, which will allow me to work at home. I’m excited to begin this new adventure of marriage in just 73 more days (not that I’m counting or anything).