The Year of Mittens & Stash

As of today, we are exactly one month away from the wedding! I’ve been so busy crafting and planning that I haven’t had a chance to post on the blog much (above picture is just a sampling of the fabric flowers I’ve made for bouquets). Quick recap: we had a wonderful first holiday together, celebrating Christmas with my family and then just spending a quiet evening at home for New Year’s Eve that included lots of candy, a movie marathon, sparkling cider and a first New Year’s kiss at midnight.

The only thing about the holidays this year that I didn’t like was the fact that the only handmade Christmas gift I was able to squeeze in with all the wedding crafting I’ve been doing was a mistake rib knit scarf for my love. I started it a couple days before Christmas and literally finished it at like 11:30 PM on Christmas Day, so it still technically got finished on Christmas Day. It was my official first handknit for my husband-to-be, and it felt so good to wrap that woolly scarf around his neck (and he’s worn it nearly every day with his coat since).

So in lieu of resolutions (which I don’t make), I like to make crafting goals for the year instead. Last year was the Year of Color (which I did lots of interesting color combos for blankets). This year I have 3 crafting goals:

  1. As of January 31st, I will no longer be working outside the home (yay!), so that means I get to be a full-time fiber artist (and soon, full-time wife). I’d really like to build my Etsy shop up and start creating a lot more handmade items for selling and for custom orders. I will also have time to do more blogging and other social media to help build my audience. (Side note: I finally ordered business cards! I’ve had several opportunities to give out my website links to complete strangers who find my yarn items interesting, so it’ll be nice to have something to hand to someone when they ask.)
  2. I want to have more handmade gifts for friends and family this year for Christmas. Namely mittens. So after the wedding, I’m gonna start crafting mittens right away so that I can hopefully prevent last-minute knitting in December.
  3. I plan to work on personal projects mainly from the stash this year. I’m blaming it on the size of the apartment we will be living in once married, and also the fact that I have some wonderful yarn and fiber saved up that I’d really like to use. 

I think 2013 is going to be a great year!