Homemakery, Part 1

We’ve been in our new house for nearly two months, so now it’s time to start sharing some of the decorating and crafting I have been doing lately to make our house a home. I love my new role as a full-time “domestic engineer” (as my mom has always called it when people asked what she “did”), and I like having lots of wall space and extra rooms to decorate and fill with pretty things and memories. Plus it’s nice that everything has its place now instead of feeling so cluttered in our small apartment.


My first new craft for the house was this tiny cross-stitch I made in one evening. I’ve had this little kit for years and years but often forgot about it tucked away in my craft supplies. I don’t do much cross-stitching anymore, but every once in awhile I get the urge to stitch something up. Plus hoop-art has become so popular lately, and I love the look of a stitched something in a hoop, so I had to make my own.


The next craft I did for wall decor came about thanks to Pinterest. I took two shoebox lids and covered them with some coordinating fabrics that I’ve had for awhile to make “faux” canvasses. Not only was this free, since I had the supplies on hand, but it was so easy (I just used tape), and you can’t tell that these beauties hanging on the wall are actually a shoebox lid (well, unless I tell people).


I was given a bunch of free, mismatched frames right before we moved in. Thanks to a free photo printing promo code, I got a bunch of our wedding pictures finally printed up, into frames, and on the walls. I love the look of “gallery” walls, so my mismatched collection of frames and other wall items look beautifully intentional.


The most recent thing I’ve hung up is my great-grandmother’s handmade quilt. It may look familiar, since I’ve posted about it on my blog before, but this time we don’t have a twin bed to put it on, so now it hangs on the wall in our guest bedroom. I knew I wanted to have some way to display it, so when I ended up with an extra curtain rod that was too short for the intended window, I used it instead to hang the quilt on the wall. I love that I have items made by my great-grandma, grandma, mom, and myself throughout our house to make it feel more like a home.

Check back for Homemakery, Part 2 to see the yarny items I’ve made lately for around the house.