“I Am” Devotional Kit [Review]

img_1469.jpgThanks to the generosity of Dayspring, I was sent the July Illistrated Faith devotional kit “I Am” to review and showcase as I work through it over the next month. This was my first new kit for 2017, so I was thrilled to see how floral and feminine it was, two things that appeal to me. The pictures do not do this kit justice; it’s even prettier in person. If you would like to see an unboxing video I did, click here to see it on my YouTube channel.

The devotional was written by Melissa Garcia of @pienthesky on Instagram. She is known for her acrylic flowers and beautiful hand-lettering, so the whole design of this set reflects that. But more than that, she has written a 14-day devotional that guides me to dig deeper into who I Am in Christ. I’ve only had a chance to read the first day, but I’m already enjoying her writing style and the prompts that encourage me to reflect.

The first day spoke about being Fearless, which was so timely for me as I have been facing a lot of fears lately. And the great thing about these devotionals is that they aren’t dated, so you can go through this booklet at any time, at any pace. I have a hard time keeping on track with dated reading plans, so this is perfect for people like me.

My favorite part of the kits is always the stamp set, and I have yet to have a floral set, so this was perfect to add to my stash. I don’t have a lot of time to do freehand drawing the way I used to a year ago when I first started Bible journaling, so I’m always looking for stamp sets that appeal to my style. It’s much faster to lay down some paint and stamp over it, especially when I have an active toddler and young infant vying for my attention. But spending time in my Bible is a priority to me, and using the Illustrated Faith devotional kits helps me stay motivated to do just that.

The next part that I really enjoy about this kit is the stickers. I’m so happy that the kits now include alphabet stickers and more embellishments than just the backer card, because it gives me more opportunities to create cohesive entries without too much work. It’s always fun to add extra items from my stash, but it’s nice to have double the options from within the kit itself.

The zipper bag is another new addition this year, and it is so handy! I like to keep all my supplies together while I’m working through the devotional, so the bag helps to accomplish that. It’s the perfect size to fit everything plus a few extras, especially for those that don’t have a travelers notebook to hold the inserts (like me). I’m all about organization and this bag helps with that. And let’s take a minute to admire the washi tape: whoa! I like to add the themed washi tape to each of my Bible entries as well as the devotional itself, and the washi rolls that come with the kits are always a generous amount. The mini floral print on this washi tape is very pretty and includes multiple colors from the theme, so it will look great on every page I create.

Last but not least are the backer card embellishments, margin journaling cards and magnetic bookmark. There are just so many options for illustrating with this kit, and each piece is carefully thought out and designed to enhance the devotional booklet. The ultimate goal of this kit is to “dig deeper” into the Word and who “I Am” in Christ, and I can’t wait to see how God works in me over the next month.

To pick up your own kit, visit this link here. Please note that it is an affiliate link, but it does not cost you any extra. I receive a small commission that helps me to continue bringing reviews to my blog and help support my family in a small way. I appreciate your support! I will also being doing at least one process video of a page I create using this kit, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

Please note that I received this kit from Dayspring in exchange for my honest review. I only review products that I truly enjoy and use. Thank you to Dayspring for sending me this kit.