November Gratitude Kit Review + Prep

Since I’ve had a chance to play with the new Gratitude kit from Illustrated Faith that Dayspring sent to me, I wanted to share my review as well as some of the ways that I will be documenting my thankfulness next month. If you’re looking to get started with the Gratitude kit, you can order through my Dayspring affiliate link here. To watch my unboxing video, click here

When I first opened up the kit, I will admit that I was a bit disappointed. But as I started looking at all the supplies that Dayspring offers from their Gratitude Documented line of products, I realized that I don’t really think this kit is meant to be a stand-alone one. It coordinates perfectly with the Gratitude Documented Bible Journaling kit and other products in that line, so my thought is that they didn’t want to repeat anything already available in the ephemera, stickers, and stamps. Like I mentioned in my unboxing video, you can pick and choose what products you can add-on to the Gratitude kit. There are also some great autumn printables in the Print and Pray shop, including the free 30 day Gratitude verses prompt, available to download here. There’s is no devotional content in this kit, so having the free 30 verses is helpful. 

I’m grateful for lots of different variety this month, which allows me to pick and choose what I want to use (or pick all the things to use)! I know there’s a lot of anticipation for Gratitude Documented, so I thought I would share a few ways I’m going to be working through my kit, supplies, and verse prompts. There’s no right or wrong way to journal, and there are lots of great ideas from the Bible journaling community to provide inspiration. 

First of all, this is a very busy time of year for me as a small shop owner, on top of all the holiday stuff. In addition to being on the Illustrated Faith launch team, I’m also a Blessed Friends Ambassador for Documented Faith for the next 3 months. Add in the Inspire Praise Bible launch team I joined, and I’m juggling a lot of things. In order to keep myself from going crazy with all of these amazing opportunities, I decided the best thing to do was to simplify for the next two months until things die down. That means I will be only using my Inspire Praise Bible (review coming soon) and my Documented Faith binder. All the other things I’ve worked on previously will be put on hold so that I can really focus on just a few things at a time. And I think this is a great lesson for Gratitude Documented, that you can use what you have and what works for your busy schedule. 

I know there are lots of people who plan to journal daily for all 30 days of November, but I know for me that’s just too much. I do want to explore all the verses, even if I don’t plan to journal every single one, so my solution for that is to use the 30 day verse prompt as my Scripture writing for the next 6 weeks (2 weeks of October and 4 weeks of November). That means I’ll be writing out 5 verses per week in my Documented Faith binder.

The great thing about this binder is that the included inserts are great for scripture writing. There are blank monthly calendar view inserts that I could use for a quick daily thankfulness list. I know many people are creating booklets or travelers notebooks, but I tend to gravitate towards things that are more like a journal, like my Bible or a planner. 

I tend to do my scripture writing in one sitting, which will allow me to pull a few verses that I can journal further in my Bible. This page in the Inspire Praise Bible happened to have an illustration for the verse from the Gratitude prompt, so it was perfect to add some of my own embellishments to the blank margin on the opposite side. I used the square cross-hath geometric stamp from the Gratitude kit to Create the green marks all around the edges of the pages. It reminds me of leaves, but it’s much bigger and great for layering. 

Since the kit only came with 3 acorn tip-ins, I used the kraft mailer to create 4 more acorns. I won’t be making a little booklet or paper bag book this month, so this was a great way to use up the envelope, as well as to just use what I have. Because that is, after all, the point of Gratitude Documented: to be grateful for what you have and what God has blessed you with. It’s not about the supplies, however fun they may be, it’s about having a heart of thankfulness and using that to propel your worship to God. 

I hope that this post provides some inspiration for a few different ways to document your gratitude in November. To purchase the Gratitude kit, click here and use code IFSHIPSFREE for free domestic shipping. To preorder the Inspire Praise Bible on Amazon, click here. To order the Documented Faith 365 Binder, click here

Please note that this post contains affiliate links. This means that I receive a small commission when you purchase through the link at no additional cost to you. Dayspring sent me the Gratitude kit in exchange for my honest review. Adorn-It sent me the Documented Faith binder as part of my participation as a brand ambassador. All pictures and opinions in this post are my own.