Handmade Wedding

It’s been almost 9 months since my husband and I got married back in February this year. I thought it was time that I posted pictures of more handmade details from our wedding. Since I want to be able to share what I did with others for inspiration, I’ve  also added a new page titled Handmade Wedding where you can see all the details. Click the link in the top menu to see more!

Here are a few pictures of what I made:

bouquets boutonniere caketopper decor2 shawls2 hairpiece

Here’s a list of what I made in the four months before our wedding:

  • Knit my wedding shawl
  • Crocheted 4 bridesmaid shawls
  • Made over 100 flowers for my bridal bouquet, 4 bridesmaid bouquets, 4 corsages, flower girl basket, 1 memorial mini bouquet, and my hairpiece (crafty friends donated 40 hand-crocheted flowers and 24 hand-crocheted butterflies)
  • Made 10 boutonnieres using burlap, buttons, and ribbon
  • Crocheted 2 doilies using my Grandma Coombe’s cotton thread stash (crafty friends donated 3 hand-crocheted doilies, and I used other doilies that I have made over the years)
  • Made 100 favors using mini brown paper sacks, mini paper doilies, and mini clothespins. Each favor was filled with two peppermint tea bags (our favorite tea)
  • Decorated our unity candle set with ribbons and lace

It was a lot of work, but so worth it to have the wedding of our dreams. Also, we saved a ton of money by making our own stuff, especially on the bouquets. I spent about $150 for fabric (including a bolt of burlap) and supplies that made all the bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, cake toppers, my hairpiece, decorated the flower girl basket, and the unity candle set, as well as cut out burlap squares for all the tables. My wedding shawl was free because the yarn was a gift from my parents several years prior to the wedding that I had been saving up. The doilies, books, tea cups, and other decorations were all free because I just used what I had. The only decor we purchased was 12 mason jar mugs that we filled with peanut M&Ms (and now serve as our drinking glass set), the supplies for a thumbprint tree guest book, and the plain white candles and candle holders I bought to decorate as our unity candle set. The main thing I didn’t want was a bunch of decor stuff purchased for the wedding that then served no purpose afterwards, hence the reason why we used a lot of what we already had, which made it that much more personal.

If you are interested in a hand-knit wedding shawl, hand-crocheted doilies, or other knit or crocheted items for your wedding, please visit my Custom Orders page to fill out a request for price quotes and time estimates.

The Knitting of Evenstar

Because I was keeping my wedding shawl a secret from my husband before our wedding day, I wasn’t able to post pictures about it on the blog. Now that we’re married, I can post about it.

It took me four months to knit this Evenstar shawl, and it’s the most complicated, intricate pattern I’ve every made (the pattern is 20 pages long!). I pretty much enjoyed every minute of knitting on this shawl, and I didn’t get antsy to finish until I did the border (which I modified slightly to use less yarn, for fear of running out). It also ended up being huge, dragging the ground while wearing it the full length of my bridal gown. Here are the pictures I took while knitting my Evenstar and you can watch it grow:

 Evenstar Wedding Shawl
 US Size 4 needle
1760 yards of Knitpicks Bare Merino/Silk Lace yarn
Started 1 Sept 2012
Finished 8 Jan 2013

The yarn I used for this shawl was a gift for my birthday in 2009, which was the last birthday my sister Heather celebrated with me before she passed away the next month that same year. I have been saving this yarn ever since, knowing I would use it to make a shawl for my wedding. When Mr. Sheep moved back to Arizona, I started knitting this, counting down the days until we would be engaged and then get married. It was nice to have something with such special memories attached to it to wear on the wedding day. I felt as though all my prayers for my husband and our future marriage, as well as the love of my sister, were wrapped around my shoulders as I walked down the aisle and said “I do.”

I was glad to have this shawl on the day of our wedding, since it was about 55 degrees outside the whole day. I couldn’t bear to put it away, so I also wore it during most of our outings on our honeymoon in Payson, where it snowed the 4 days we were there. This shawl will be a special one to wear on our anniversary every year, as I will always remember wearing it on our wedding day.