Kountingsheep by Jenny GL

Welcome to Kountingsheep by Jenny GL, where you will find original knit & crochet patterns available for instant download, as well as pattern tech editing services (coming soon!). Each pattern published by Jenny is carefully crafted and tested to help make them error-free, clear to follow, and high quality. Each pattern tech edited by Jenny is carefully and thoughtfully reviewed based on her extensive experience in the yarn industry, as well as her knowledge through her Bachelor of Arts in English degree.

Jenny is a mother of 3 living in sunny Arizona, where it’s often too hot for all the knitting and crocheting she does. She’s been playing with yarn for over 20 years, and not a day passes that she’s not working on a project. She has a passion for designing and seeks to make patterns that provide creativity and comfort through handmade. For pattern support, inquiries, or questions, please email kountingsheep@gmail.com

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