Crochet vs. Knit

I can’t decide. I’m obssessed with both for different reasons. Crochet has sentimental value; it was my first love. I know crochet so well, I do it in my sleep. I know every stitch, I can look at a piece and memorize the pattern, I taught myself everything I know about crochet. My grandma crocheted. My mom crochets. I have memories and heartstrings tied in crochet. Timeless, classic, contemporary, forever.
But knit, oh knit. How do I love thee? You are stealing my heart. Knit is hip, trendy, popular, fashion-forward, today. When I create knitted objects, it looks like they came from a store. The books are oh so wonderful. The challenge oh so enticing.

I am trapped. I am obssessed with yarning (definition: term used to describe knowledge of both knit and crochet, if not other crafts associated with yarn). I could never choose. They are two of my three children: writing, knitting, crocheting, in no particular order. You can’t play favorites with children.

“I could no sooner choose a favorite book than choose a star in the heavens.”