Vying for Time

I started classes again on Tuesday. I am taking four classes this semester, three on campus, one online. Luckily I only have classes two days a week, but I will have less time to post on my blog, as apparent. I want to try to post at least once a week to keep up-to-date.
Good news: I heard from “Lux: the Undergraduate Creative Review” again. I will be having two poems published in the magazine, due out this Spring. I’m really excited. It is wonderful to have my poetry published and I can’t wait to see them in print.

Most of my knitting ventures are taking place on the bus. Due to my car-sickness, I tend to avoid doing homework on the bus if I can. So, my knitting is always in my backpack, ready for the bus ride and the waiting between classes. I’ve seen some of the same people on the bus that I saw last semester, few which know me as the “Knitting Girl.” That is a wonderful title to have, isn’t it? I love it. I always get good reactions when people see me knitting on the bus. Most people are really interested in what I’m making.

Right now I’m working on a scarf that is basketweave pattern, made out of brown yarn that has dark brown flecks in it. My sister started working on it, but didn’t want it anymore, so I took it over. I really wanted the scarf to begin with, so now I’m finishing it. It’s easy to keep with me when I’m out and about because it is only using one color and it is a simple pattern. It’s been winter weather here in Arizona, which is surprising. The cold winds blow, the rains fall, and the clouds keep the sun away. I can’t wait to have my scarf done so I can wear it.