I am almost finished for the semester, except for those pesky finals. I’m an English major, I shouldn’t have finals, but never mind about that. I have survived my first year at ASU and I am a senior in college now! I have a few weeks of rest before summer classes start, so it’s time to catch up on all my yarning projects.

The Nina shawl is still a black hole. I have yet to finish it. I keep knitting, though.

I also started a new project–my own design that I’m working on to submit to Knitty for the fall. I can’t reveal the project (due to their copyright stuff), but I will show snippets. Right now, I can say that the project is looking excellent and I’m really excited about the design. I have finished some parts, which are now blocking on a towel in my room. (Blocking: the process of pinning an item straight, then spraying with a spray bottle until the piece is moist, then letting it dry overnight in order to flatten, straighten and make the piece look pretty.)

I have more time to blog, so hopefully I will have more frequent posts.