Blanket Mania Part 3: Finished Object Parade

In the ever increasing dictionary of knitting/crocheting abbreviations, I finally figured out that “FO” means “finished object,” as in reference to items that said knitter/crocheter has finished to the point that it can be called complete. (Ever read one of those blogs where everything is abbreviated? It’s like deciphering a sweater pattern.)

In the spirit of the New Year, I will be like other such bloggers who are writing about their past year’s FOs, UFOs (unfinished object, the opposite of finished object), and resolutions to turn UFOs into FOs. ET is phoning home, the mothership is circling, and I have so many pictures to post that I’m starting to forget things. Here is a parade of some of the blankets I finished at the end of this year. I think my total blanket count for last year was 13. Thirteen! And that doesn’t include the fact that I have six other blankets in progress and at least three more planned for this coming year. I’m telling you, blankets are my favorite things and I can’t get enough of them (let’s not discuss how many afghan books/patterns I own).

I also noticed that I name most of my blankets. It’s easier to keep track of them that way. Excuse the weirdness.The first blanket pictured is The Green Ripple, my own variation of the Soft Waves pattern. I’ve had previous posts about this blanket and now it’s finally finished. This blanket was donated to Project Linus and is hopefully comforting a child right now.The second blanket pictured is The Sherbet Square, a baby blanket for a baby boy. Someone at work paid me to make this blanket for her new nephew. I think it only took me two days to make this blanket.The third blanket pictured is The Pink Granny. This blanket was a baby present for someone I work with who was having a baby girl named Macie. It took me two days to make this blanket.

The last blanket pictured is The Blue Mint Ripple. A gal from my poetry class last semester saw me crocheting before class one day and asked me if I would make her one if she paid me. I said yes immediately. When she told me to make it in “turquoise” and black, I was a bit concerned about the color choice. But once I bought the yarn (Caron Simply Soft Brites in “Blue Mint”) I warmed up to the color combo and fell in love with it. The finished blanket ended up being extremely long because the recipient was 6’1″ She was so thrilled to receive this blanket and thought it was perfect. No greater satisfaction can be found than when someone loves what you make.

Well, that’s it for now of Blanket FOs. More to come.


6 thoughts on “Blanket Mania Part 3: Finished Object Parade

  1. Hi, I came across your blog through the Granny-Along. What beautiful blankets! I love the baby grannies, and the blue/black ripple!


  2. P.S. I was just looking at your gingham afghan in your Flickr album – that is just gorgeous! I am crazy about gingham! Was it your own pattern? If not, could you please tell me where you found the pattern? You can email me privately at or leave a comment on my blog.Thank you!


  3. Hi Stephanie,I only charged $50, which included buying the yarn. The yarn came out to be about $15-$20. The blanket ended up taking 30 hours solid to make, so it turned out to be $1 an hour that I made. I though it was pretty reasonable for the size of blanket I was making.


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