Leap Day Post

Since Leap Year only comes around every four years, I figured I had to at least post a little something on this rare February 29th. I was digging through my projects looking for something interesting to take pictures of for a day like today, and I came across the very first thing I ever knitted.My first project three years ago when I first learn to knit was this purse. The pattern is from “Easy Knitting” magazine (now known as “Knit Simple”). When I made this purse, I used yarn-over increases because it was the only increase I knew at the time; luckily the increases were done on the edges, so they got sewn in the seam.
I also made two straps and two bags that I sewed together to make double thick–it was the only way I knew how to make a lining at the time. It worked though, and I used this purse a lot after I first made it. For awhile it got buried in my closet and I just recently dug it out so I could show my students in my knitting class my first project. I’m pretty amazed that this was my first project, actually. I can’t believe I did this on my own.

Hoppy Leap Day!