I Wish

I wish I wasn’t so busy. The last five weeks of the semester are going to be crammed full of writing assignments; everything is due at the same time, and I’m freaking out. I wish school was over and I was graduating; I can’t believe in five weeks I will be a college graduate.

Lately all I’ve been knitting is socks because they are quick and easy to take with me everywhere. I need something that I can finish quickly so I don’t get depressed with not being able to finish anything. When I’m stressing about essays to write, I get so tickled when I finish a sock. I’m like a little kid. I show everyone my sock and squeal with delight. Socks are keeping me going right now; so far I’ve finished three and a half pairs. Pics to come soon (probably in five weeks).

I also wish it wasn’t as hot as it is outside. Parts of the country are still battling winter storms with snow and cold, and here I am in Arizona with eighty degree temps, wearing capris and short-sleeved shirts. I really wish I could wear these:
I received these hand-knit traditional fair-isle mittens from my secret pal in Norway on the first day of eighty degree weather here. I wanted to wear them so bad that day, but all I could do was just admire them. Don’t laugh, I’ll eventually get a chance to wear them!. Just not for a couple of months.


One thought on “I Wish

  1. 80 degrees and sunny in April?! I’m totally jealous, LOL! We had snow just about a week ago here in Cleveland. : ( It was actually 60 today, which is unusual for April. Last year we had a mammoth snow storm on Easter even though it fell in April. The socks look great, and congratulations on your upcoming graduation! It took me 10 years to get my bachelor’s degree (between working, getting married and having kids, health problems, etc), and the day I was able to walk across the stage and receive my diploma was one of the happiest days of my life. It’s a wonderful feeling to finally get it.


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