Maintaining the Structural Integrity of the Bookshelves

Many jobs that Mochimochi Land citizens undertake are unknown to the human world, but none is as elusive as the Bookshelf Structural Integrity Teams (BSIT). These teams of highly trained experts have one mission: to maintain the structural integrity of bookshelves. But not just any bookshelves, oh no. Not all bookshelves need the assistance of BSIT.

Beginning Trainees start appearing on shelves to help uphold corners when piled too wide with books. Once the Trainees are in place, more experienced Team Members are needed when the shelves begin to bow under the weight and strain of books stacked too high. Pretty soon, a whole team of experts is necessary to uphold the structural integrity of the bookshelf, allowing the human to maintain an exorbitant amount of books on shelf without worry of damage or disaster.

BSIT specializes in young adult and children’s books collections, since they are usually the most colorful books and BSIT members can blend well into the background. They are also known to work with knitting book collections, since they share a special affinity with the craft.

In this rare photo, the top-secret team of Mochimochi Land citizens is seen on-the-job, using special techniques to reveal them despite their high-tech camoflauge.

A close-up reveals one of the newest members of the Bookshelf Structural Integrity Team–Reading Rainbow Cloud–hanging out amongst her favorite books, happily raining imagination and creativity.