Happy Halloween

I kinda want October to be over already because it has not been a prolific knit/crochet month for me. I mean, it’s been a good month for other things, but not for yarn. I haven’t finished nearly the amount of stuff that I normally do, probably because I’m not spending as much time with my projects as in weeks previous. I don’t know, I’m just in a weird mood. Maybe it’s the proliferation of orange everywhere that’s throwing me off?
I did get new glasses though. My prescription changed slightly (I’m pretty much as blind as a bat; sorry, I had to say it being what it is today) so I’m still getting adjusted to my new lenses. But, the good news is that I can see more clearly. Yay!

I’m on Day 37 of my 100-day yarn ban. Maybe it’s the yarn ban that has me in a weird-I-don’t-want-to-knit-or-crochet-mood? Couldn’t possibly be that.

Here’s hoping November brings busier fingers.