Special Scarves

To get in the holiday mood, I thought I would devote this post to the seven scarves I made awhile back for the Special Olympics Winter Scarf Project.

When I received my Knit Simple Magazine for Holiday 2008 two months ago, I found an article about the Special Olympics Winter Scarf Project. Last year they asked local knitters and crocheters in the area hosting the event to make scarves for each of the athletes in order to welcome them to the city, to build up the spirit of the games, and to promote the idea that crafting connects both the crafters and the recipients. The initiative was such a success that they decided to open the donation up to the entire knitting/crocheting community in order to receive a goal of 5,000 scarves for the 2009 Special Olympics Winter Games.
After reading the article, I bought up the specific yarn in the colors indicated and immediately got to work on my scarves. I didn’t have an exact number in mind, so I decided to just keep making scarves until I ran out of the yarn that I purchased. For a solid week, I worked on nothing but blue and white scarves. I didn’t use any patterns, just picked stitches that I hadn’t used in a while, so it was satisfyingly mindless knitting and crocheting. I was content to just be working the same stitch pattern over and over again, content to put my mind on hold and just let the feel of the needles and the yarn in my hands be the only thing I thought about.

I ran out of yarn after seven scarves, and seven scarves is what I packed up in a box with individual hand-written notes to ship to the Special Olympics Scarf Project. Here’s a picture of all the finished scarves before being donated:From Left to Right, here are the scarf pattern specifics:

  1. Knit 2×2 rib. Half in white, half in blue.
  2. Knit seed stitch scarf with one strand of each color held double.
  3. Knit Basketweave scarf, alternating colors every 16 rows.
  4. Knit scarf all in white alternating every 8 rows between garter stitch and stockinette stitch. Single crochet border in blue all the way around scarf.
  5. Crocheted ripple scarf. 3 rows white, 2 rows blue.
  6. Crochet “wattle stitch” scarf, in mostly white with three stripes of blue at each end.
  7. Crochet sampler (alternate sc, hdc, dc, tr) all in white. Pom-poms at each end using new Clover pom-pom maker (really cool tool and easy to use).

At the time that I sent my scarves in almost two months ago, they had already received over 1,500 scarves and more were pouring in every day. I’m not sure how many they have now, but I’m sure they will reach their goal. That’s the great thing about knitters and crocheters–we are a generous community, willing to share our craft with all those around us.

“It is more blessed to give than to receive!” (Acts 20:35)

If anyone is interested, there is still time to make and donate scarves. Here’s the website to find out more info.

PS>Day 62 of my 100-day yarn ban is almost over. Happy First Day of December everyone!