Retreat, instead of Blog

It’s been a busy January so far. So busy, in fact, that I missed my own blogiversary. Oh NO! Well, January 6th marked two years since I started my blog, and I spent the time packing for a retreat to Prescott, rather than blogging. I was so excited because it was my first opportunity to wear my hand-knit mittens since I got them last March. It definitely was cold enough in Prescott at night to warrant mittens (and hats and scarves).

It’s also been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to post about my various Christmas gifts I made. Here are some pics:
Granny Chevron Ripple Blanket for my friend Bonnie. She is a wonderful host and needed a crochet blanket to make her house cozier.
Knit robot for nine month old Rylen. He loves the car I crocheted for him when he was born, so I knew this little boy needed a robot buddy.

Now I’m working on baby knits for my new niece set to make her debut sometime this spring. A pinwheel blanket is on the needles right now. It makes the third one I’ve made and quickly becoming my favorite baby blanket pattern. So fun to make.