Comfort Throw

I’ve been really obsessed with knitting lately, and only knitting (sorry crochet). I can’t seem to sit still if I don’t have my knitting in my hands. I’m also obsessed lately with the Cable Comfort Throw; it has become my new favorite pattern. I’ve made two so far, and I have plans for two more.

I had originally started the first blanket back in March of 2008 for a class I was teaching at Michael’s. Unfortunately, however, all classes got canceled company-wide, so I put the project aside for awhile. When my sister was in the hospital from March to April of this year, I decided to pick it back up again because it is the perfect hospital project (in my opinion, and believe me, I’ve done lots of hospital knitting/crocheting to know).

The things that make this project portable are 1) it’s worked in five strips that are sewn together later, so it’s more like working on five separate scarves rather than one large blanket, 2) it’s worked on size 13 needles, so your hands won’t get cramped with small needles, and if you get bamboo straights like what I did, it’s a fairly quiet project, and 3) it uses chunky yarn, which makes the project go fast, and I don’t know about you, but I like a project to go fast if I’m working on it for hours and hours non-stop.
I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in the color “Lemongrass,” just like the pattern. I used 10 skeins for the blanket, and 1 skein for 3 rounds of single crochet for the edging (this blanket definitely needs a small edging to prevent rolling and to make it look more finished–I’m a big supporter of edging every blanket). I love this green color, and I knew one of my close friends Christy would love the color too. Luckily I finished it just in time for her birthday, and she was rather surprised when I gave it to her.

Yesterday I just finished making a second Comfort Throw in two colors: Raspberry and Blossom. I’ll post pics and details soon, since I made some modifications the second time around. I think I’ll cast on for the third one this afternoon, and this time I’ll be using three different colors.

Right now giving my hand-knit gifts to people makes me feel so great again, so I’m trying to do it as much as I can. I guess this blanket has the perfect name, because it’s comforting for me to knit it, and it’s comforting for me to give it away.


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  1. I think meeting you in real life would be a blessing! I love to knit, crochet, sew in spurts, and read, read, read. And I love to give a way what I make.God bless you!!CynthiaI'm on Ravelry too @ cynrita!


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