Yes, Another One

Here is the second Cable Comfort Throw that I made. With this one, I decided to use two different colors, partly because I already had both colors in my stash and didn’t have to buy any new yarn, and partly because, well, I wanted to see what this pattern would look like with more than one color. And I found out that I love this pattern even more with multiple colors.
I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick in colors Raspberry and Blossom. The colors remind me of strawberry and raspberry sherbet,especially the lighter pink color, so soft and ice-creamy. This blanket was a gift for my friend, Naomi, for just being well, an awesome friend. I gave it to her after church a couple Sundays ago, when it was probably about 150 degrees outside (that’s a rough estimate, give or take a few degrees). She loved the blanket, even if it came on the hottest day ever.

I finished one more of these, and it’s just waiting to be given to the third recipient. I liked it so much with one color, and then with two colors, I decided to try the third one with three colors. Stay tuned for how it turned out.


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  1. No the pattern is a free download from Lion Brand. It's called the "Cable Comfort Throw." I love it and it's pretty well-written. Great for beginners to cabling and using bulky yarn as well.


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