I *heart* Blankets

Have I ever mentioned before that making blankets is probably my favorite thing? Yes? Oh yeah, only about a gazillion times. Well, since summer is almost over, I figured I would post about some more blankets that I made this summer that I haven’t posted about yet…
At the beginning of summer, a friend of the family asked if I would finish a knit chevron blanket that her mother had started back in the 70s but never got around to finishing. She then brought me a bunch of extra yarn and asked me to make blankets with the remainder. So here are the three blankets that resulted.
Although the colors are very, let’s just say, retro, I ended up loving the color scheme of the chevron blanket, because these colors are actually kinda popular right now; except they call it “natural” or “organic” colors.
I love the one blue square in the middle. It was my way of making this a more modern blanket. Plus, I needed one more square and blue was the only color left.
After these three blankets, I was able to finish a work-in-progress that I had had for awhile. It was another ripple bobble blanket, and this one went to my new baby cousin, Riley.

I knit this blanket, “Red Hot Sampler,” right after I finished my third Cable Comfort Throw. I liked making blankets in strips so much that I decided to do the same for this one, only use different stitch patterns to make it a sampler. Plus, working with something the size of a scarf in Arizona summer heat is much better than working with something the size of a bedspread. This blanket went to my friend, who loves red.
And of course, my friend’s sister had to have a blanket too, so I dug up this green variegated yarn that I had been saving, but had no idea what I was going to do with it. It has kind of an unusual combination of greens that’s not quite camo, but doesn’t really match other greens. But since I knew of someone who happened to be kinda tomboyish, and also loved green, I knew it would be a perfect fit. I added the creme, partly because I didn’t have quite enough green for the whole afghan, and partly because it made it a little bit more feminine.
This last blanket is kind of a funny story. So I was at work (Michael’s craft store), and I just happened to be working in the yarn section (imagine that). This elderly lady came up to me and asked me to help her pick out an easy baby blanket pattern that she could use. I tried to find a book with some easy patterns, and when I asked her what she knew how to do, she said she didn’t really know how to crochet. Before I could guide her to books to learn, she asked me if I knew how to crochet. I told her yes, and she very promptly asked, “Will you make this blanket for me, then?” It was so sweet, how could I resist? So of course I said yes, and she handed over the yarn. I finished this log cabin blanket in a couple of days, and the lady was so happy with the results.

So I counted, and I made a total of twelve blankets this summer. Wow. I’m really crazy but for some reason, I do most of my blanket-making in the hottest part of the year. Summer in Arizona. And I don’t really know why this is…perhaps it’s wishful thinking that if I make warm things, it will miraculously turn cold?

That wishful thinking has me working on a sweater now for the same reason.


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  1. i think i remember that last year you made a lot of blankets too. Must be a theme with you….hot weather=warm blankets. :)P.S. how to do you get your etsy thing like that on your blog and FB?


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