A Do-Over

is eventually supposed to be this:
Granted, it’s already been that once, but it needs to be a bigger that. I love the two yarns I’m using. One is Noro Silk Garden (45% wool, 45% mohair, 5% silk), which was a gift from a secret pal exchange, and it’s my first encounter with this yarn. It’s a bit crunchy right now, but after having been knit (several times, I might add) and I know after being washed, it will soften up beautifully. The Noro yarn is different shades of pink, a bit of purple and a touch of red, with a hint of gray and a stripe of navy blue. This yarn will be the bottom/outer diamond edge.

The stripe of blue is what inspired the second yarn to compliment it–Malabrigo Lace yarn (100% baby merino) in a color called “Vaa” but is a deep green-blue that looks like navy blue, but has that hint of green as a surprise. Not only does it win the award for most interesting color name, but Malabrigo is the softest yarn I have ever used. No joke! I’ve used the worsted weight version one time to make a scarf and it has to be the softest thing I have ever made. If I could afford it all the time (it’s rather spendy…let’s just say this one skein of lace yarn is the most I’ve ever paid for a single skein…but totally worth every penny), I would make everything with this yarn. This particular skein will make up the center/body of the shawl.

Luckily I already know the yarns look beautiful together in this pattern, so I can’t wait til I finish this shawl. For the second time.