Baby Season

I know so many pregnant women right now. It’s crazy…last year was the year of weddings, so this year has been the year of babies. Funny how that happens…

I’m working on two baby blankets right now, one knit and one crochet. Obviously, I can’t say anymore about them since they aren’t finished and therefore, haven’t reached their intended recipients. But I can say that they are both very cute and I’m enjoying the patterns and yarns (like I had any doubt that a baby blanket I make wouldn’t be cute?).

I can, however, post about these blankets I made at the beginning of the year for my pastor’s family. They just added a third baby girl to their bunch, so I decided that instead of just making one baby blanket, I’d make one for all three girls. I’ve become really fond lately of “sibling” gifts because 1) it’s special for the other siblings who aren’t receiving any gifts at the birth of a new brother/sister, and 2) it’s a great way to use up extra stash yarn and try patterns I’ve been wanting to try.
I knit the baby’s blanket using Lion Brand One Pound in a soft pink color and did a border in Vanna’s Baby in a bright pink color. I like the contrast of the two pinks for this blanket and also how the brighter pink made it look more modern than just a traditional “baby pink.”
For the older girls, I used the same pattern (“wattle stitch” in crochet), but different colors. I don’t know them that well, so I let mom pick which blanket went to which girl.
After I gave them all the blankets, I heard that the older girls carried them around for a couple days. So cute! And I love seeing that the mom uses the baby’s blanket as a stroller blanket all the time. Every time I see them at church, I see my blanket displayed on the top of the stroller.

It’s always rewarding to see that the recipient isn’t afraid to use my handmade gift.


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