Heart to Heart

To continue the sock theme, here are the ones I made for my mom for Mother’s Day.

Pattern: Heart to Heart Socks from the book
Toe Up Socks for Every Body
Yarn: Wisdom “Endurance” Sock Yarn
Needles: US Size 1, long circular for Magic Loop Method

I really enjoyed knitting these for several reasons, the first being that I love to make things for other people, especially when I live with those people, so then I have to plan time to work in secret.
Secondly, this was my first time using both the Magic Loop Method and the toe-up method. Usually I work socks from the cuff down, which makes it difficult to guess how much yarn the sock will use. With toe-up, you don’t have to worry as much about running out of yarn because it’s more predictable.
The Magic Loop Method was something I tried when I first started knitting socks, but could not get the hang of it. I decided to try it again, and voila, it clicked! I have yet to try two socks at a time on Magic Loop, so we’ll see how that goes when I try it out in the next few days. (See here for a basic description of Magic Loop.)
And third, this was the most complicated lace/cable pattern I have made on socks before. I’ve done things much harder on a larger scale, but wasn’t sure if I was up for putting the time into an intricate pattern on something that goes on someone’s feet, but surprisingly it didn’t slow down the process that much or make it less enjoyable. In fact, it made it more interesting to work the sock.
So overall, I’m very happy with how these came out, and my mom liked them too. Too bad it’s too hot to even contemplate wearing them, Loved the pattern (love the whole book, highly recommend), and I look forward to making more socks this summer,


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  1. You did a great job! I'm glad Magic Loop finally clicked for you. It' my favorite method. I haven't tried 2 at a time yet, but I want to.


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