I’m proud to show off my second skein of handspun. This yarn actually better resembles yarn than the first one I made. The dark plum color was my first wheel-spun single and the lavender was my first completed spindle-spun single. Because the plum was spun at a larger gauge than the lavender, it created a “peek-a-boo” effect when I plied the two together, hence the name for this yarn “PeekaBoo Purple.”
This yarn came out to be about 60 yards, which just might be enough for me to make an Urchin. I’ve always wanted to make this beret using a very unique yarn, but never found one that was unique enough. I guess I had to make my own in order to find just the right one.

PS> I bought my first spinning wheel! It should be here in about a week, so I’ll post pictures as soon as it gets here.