Sweater Frenzy

Two weeks ago I decided at the last minute that I wanted to make all my girls gifts for Christmas. I already had a bunch of scarves and hats from year’s past to give to a few friends, but I didn’t have enough to give to all. So I wrote out my list of names and began whipping out more scarves and hats. In the end I had 19 gifts to hand out on Sunday at church, 4 projects which were completed in the previous 36 hours. Boy were my hands tired from all that knitting.
So this week, I have no gift-knitting left to do, but I am working my fingers off trying to finish a Christmas sweater. I had started this project at the beginning of December to hopefully finish in time for a Christmas party on Sunday, but when my last minute gift-making took up all my time, I decided to put it away to finish for Christmas Day instead. Unfortunately, I worked more hours this week than I was anticipating, so now it’s a race to see if I’ll finish it in time. I have a sleeve and a half left to make, then all the finishing and blocking, and only 24 hours to do it in. Hopefully it will be a Christmas miracle.

Joyful knitting, peaceful spinning, happy crocheting, and Merry Christmas!