Weekend Getaway

On Friday night while eating dinner, I got a phone call from one of my best friends saying, “pack your stuff, we’re taking you to Cali like right now.” So within half an hour I was on the road to cooler weather and a much-needed girls’ getaway with my two besties. Unfortunately it was too dark to knit on the way out, but I definitely got plenty of knitting time the rest of the weekend.

Knitting in the morning on the balcony, with a view of Long Beach Bay.

Knitting on Huntington beach.

I have always wanted to knit on the beach, and now I can say that I have. There were plenty of strange looks, but I’m sure it’s not the weirdest thing someone has ever done on a beach. Someday I hope to do it again. I’ve definitely become a beach girl, despite suffering from a sunburn (ultra-white skin and sun exposure don’t mix, even with spf 50 sunscreen). Next time I’ll take a chair and an umbrella, along with my knitting.