Fall is Actually Spring

I’ve been telling myself for years that I live in the wrong state. I love the cool autumn and cold winter months, but those don’t last very long here in Mesa, Arizona. In fact, right now it’s mid-October and we are having a heat wave, with temps still reaching the triple-digits. Sigh. Then one day, bam, the temp will just drop by about 30-40 degrees, and then it will officially be sweater weather.

With summer so hot here, it’s almost as if summer is my winter. Then, when Fall comes, it’s like spring, full of fresh hope and relief from the weather I hate so much. Plus Fall brings so many wonderful new patterns and yarns, that I just can’t help that it’s my favorite time of year. I’m already busy working on Christmas gifts, sweaters, shawls, mittens (oh the mittens! I’m in such a mitten mood!), and hats. I really could use some new socks too, so I think I’ll add them to the list.

To help with all this knitting, I won a bunch of Malabrigo yarn from Mr. Yarn’s anniversary giveaway (pictured above). These 7 skeins of wooly goodness arrived at my house yesterday. After being gone all day at work and Bible study, it was great to come home late last night and open up this package and feel all this glorious yarn. I haven’t made plans for any of it yet, so for now I’m just enjoying looking at it through the giant clear ziploc that it now sits in on my bedroom floor (the stash is overflowing at the moment. Shh, don’t tell anyone).

Happy Fall everyone!