Me wearing my Citron shawlette at lunch after church on Sunday. 
My bestie called me a “vintage barbie!”

 I’ll tell you what’s rare–pictures of me actually wearing the things I make. I have tons and tons of pictures of the things I make, because I’m the one who takes the pictures. But it’s rather awkward to take a picture of oneself, and rather embarrassing to ask others to take pictures of yourself for the sole purpose of just getting the knitted garment in the picture. So here I have not only one but two–count them TWO–pictures of me wearing my hand-knit items.

Last Thursday a group of my friends and I went to an outdoor shopping center where they have a 60 foot tree set up and make it “snow” two times a night. It may seem odd to people who live in snowy climates to think of any event in which they have to make it “snow,” but here in Mesa where snow is rare (yes, it does snow every once in awhile, like last Christmas, for about 5 minutes), an opportunity to play in “snow” is not quickly lost. Unfortunately, the “snow” they were making was only bubbles blown from machines on the roof that looked remarkably like snow but, alas, was not.

It was, however, freezing cold (in the 40s-50s, which is pretty cold by any standard), so I of course had on my newly finished strawberry mittens, my Rose Red beret, and, you can’t tell because I’m wearing a jacket, but I was also wearing my new sweater. My friend in the picture was kind enough to give me a piggy back ride, since I had sprained my ankle the week before and was having a hard time walking.

{Strawberry Mittens by Spilly Jane
Yarn was some random sock yarns in my stash
Size 2 needles
Mods include making the cuff and thumb red, taking out two strawberry repeats to make smaller
Knit in 3 days!}
My mom liked these mittens so much that now I have to make a pair for her. Lucky for her that I like to knit and I like this pattern, so I should have no problem whipping up another set of these. They just have a special charm to them–they are my new favorite mittens right now, and I pretty much wear them every morning. Thanks to this cold-spell we are having, and the fact that I work in a chilly church office, I have daily opportunities to wear the hand-knits.