Dream Weaver

This year for Christmas two dreams came true: 1) I got to have a white Christmas! and 2) My parents bought me a weaving loom! Yes, that’s right, I can now add the title “weaver” to my status as a fiber artist.

My family went up to Williams, AZ on Christmas Eve to ride the “Polar Express.” My 2-year-old niece absolutely loved it! She got so excited to meet Santa at the “North Pole,” and it was fun to watch her reactions. What was even more fun was the fact that there was tons of snow on the ground! It’s been a long time since I’ve been in snow for Christmas, so it was definitely special.

I actually requested that my parents buy me a weaving loom this year instead of other gifts, so it was no surprise. It arrived the end of November, and I was able to assemble it to make sure all the parts were there. However, I wasn’t “allowed” to use it until Christmas, so as soon as we got back into town on Christmas day, I pulled my loom out.

Kromski Harp 24″ Weaving Loom
Rigid Heddle

Unfortunately, I spent the next 7 hours trying to get it warped properly, and ended up only making a total mess and throwing away about 800 yards of ruined yarn (I made the same mistake not once, but twice. Ouch!). I went back to YouTube and found this video from Ashford that changed everything! On Monday, I successfully warped my loom and happily started weaving some beautiful fabric on it.

I’m so excited to be weaving! After I got my spinning wheel, I knew that a loom would be my next big fiber purchase. There’s just something about spinning my own yarn and weaving my own fabric that is so ancient and magical. These two arts have been around much longer than knitting and crocheting–they are ancient crafts, dating back as far as fabric has been made. There’s a je nais se quoi I feel about these two crafts; I can’t explain what it is, but I knew I just had to be a spinner and a weaver.
The only thing left to get now is a sheep! (Well, I’m close. More on that later…)