Secrets & A Stitch Marker

If I’ve seemed kinda quiet lately, it’s because I’m working on a special, secret project that I can’t talk about for awhile. I’m loving it, and it is a lovely project, but alas, secret.

In the meantime, here is my cute stitch marker that I’ve been using for the project. I never really understood the hype of handmade, cute stitch markers–oftentimes I would just use a piece of yarn tied into a loop. But that was before I actually acquired and used handmade ones, and let me say that there is a difference. Sure, it doesn’t affect the outcome of the project, but those sweet little handmade jewels that swing around on my project as I’m knitting bring such delight. And after all, knitting should have some level of delight, for that’s part of why I keep knitting, right? I like to call my small collection of handmade stitch markers “knitting bling.”

This particular knitting bling was one that I got as part of my Phat Fiber April Tea Party box (I’ll write a blog post about that next). This is a themed, secret, limited quantity box that I was able to snag last month filled with yarn and fiber samples, plus extra goodies like tea, coupons, and of course, stitch markers. There’s a different theme each month, and as soon as I saw that April’s theme was “Tea Party,” I knew I had to get one, since that describes everything I love–Alice in Wonderland, knitting, tea, British, lace, Victorian Era, flowers, soft colors, etc etc.

I get a little tickle of whimsy every time I move this tea bag knitting bling around my circular needle. If you haven’t had a chance to try a handmade, cute stitch marker, then get thee over to Etsy!