On the Wheel: Phat Fiber


Remember when I posted about my first Phat Fiber box? Well, for the second week of the Tour de Fleece, my goal is to spin up all my colorful little samples into a fun tea party yarn.

First I laid out the fiber in a gradient spectrum to go from the darker colors to the lighter colors, which means I also plan to navajo-ply this so I can keep it as a gradient yarn.

For Day 9 (yesterday) I was able to get the first color on the wheel, a grey shetland that I’m mixing with a mulberry silk to get a marble effect (first picture). I have enough of the cream silk to carry it through most of the darker fibers. The solid colored mini braid in the photo is 100% bamboo that I think I will try to carry through most of the lighter colored fibers. This spinning project is such a fun opportunity to mix and blend. I’m looking forward to seeing what the finished yarn will look like.

I think my goal at the beginning of the Tour was a bit ambitious, now that I’ve considered all the other projects I need to complete in July, so I think I’ll cut it in half and aim to spin up 3 different projects. That would still be more spinning in 3 weeks than I did earlier this year in 3 months!