I know it’s August now, but I want to talk a little bit about July. As I mentioned at the end of my last blog post, there was a very happy change that took place in my life. And that change would be that I started dating a wonderful, handsome, sweet, godly guy. It’s been such a huge blessing, but also very hard since right now we are living in two different states (and also the fact that relationships are just plain hard work, but so worth it). Luckily in September, he’ll be moving here to the same city where I live, so it will make things a bit easier. I’m so excited and can’t wait for next month!


In the meantime, I have lots of projects to keep myself occupied. At the end of July I started the first Christmas stocking in a series of four that I’m making for a cute little family of four just in time for this Christmas. I’ve had a bit of a slow start, due mostly to the fact that I’ve been a bit disinterested in yarn (hm, wonder why? perhaps “distracted” is a better word), but I plan to really buckle down and start cranking out these fun stockings. I’ve picked four colors: red, green, blue, creme, and the stockings will all be a bit varied as far as color placement.

I’m just now starting the argyle section of the first stocking. It’ll be my first time doing an argyle pattern, but I plan to modify it a bit so it’ll be easier to make, mainly, use two colors instead of three. I can’t wait to see how this traditional, yet quirky pattern works up, and I’m delighted that my efforts will hopefully become a cherished family tradition and heirloom.