Copy Cat

Do you remember this blanket the Yarn Harlot made awhile back as a group project? It’s always been one of those projects I kept stored away in the “inspiration” part of my brain (aka, the blanket was made in the days before Pinterest; otherwise, it would have been tidily pinned to my virtual board). When a good friend of mine found out she was having a sweet little girl, I knew that it was time to try to recreate this blanket.

After digging through my stash and coming up with an assortment of pink yarns, I knew I had just enough of the right shades to make this blanket work. I studied the picture, looked at several different patterns that were similar, and then with a “what the heck” cast-on and started knitting.

I can’t tell you how deliriously happy I am that the blanket I made came out as a nice little copy cat of that original blanket. I ended up using bits and pieces from a couple of patterns and then just my own knitting know-how to fill in the rest.

Just looking at these pictures again makes me want to knit more. I enjoyed this project immensely, especially knowing it would wrap up a precious little girl. I think it’s time to start making another one, because there never seems to be a shortage of new babies being born around me, and that’s always a good excuse to knit more blankets.