Finally Mittens

I started out the beginning of the year wanting to make this one of knitting mittens. It’s now more than halfway through April, and I’m just starting the first pair. However, I have plans to knit mittens through the summer, since they are small projects and won’t be hot to actually knit. Plus they will be ready to wear when it does get cold outside. I won’t be able to show much of the actual mittens I’m making, since most of these will be Christmas gifts for various family and friends this year. But here’s a sneak peek of the ones currently on the needles:

As I mentioned previously in this post, I’ve come to realize Fair Isle actually isn’t my favorite to knit, but I love the finished product so much that I can’t resist. Sometimes doing something hard or that you don’t like to do can be really rewarding. I think I enjoy Fair Isle mittens because they are small and knit up pretty quickly, even if I dread having to do that fiddly colorwork on the thumbs (which usually I cheat and just do one color, but I’m determined to stick to pattern and do colorwork thumbs for these next batches of mittens).


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