Photo Friday: Progress

I’m making progress on my purple shawl. I was hoping to be further than this, but I’m starting to pick up the pace. I really need to be finished with this project by the end of the month, so I hope that I’ll be able to reach that. Because of this deadline, this shawl has been my constant companion, going everywhere so I can squeeze in a couple of rows every spare moment I have.

Photo Friday: Purple Lace

My new Josephine shawl on the needles. Loving the purple lace. My first time doing a lace garter stitch pattern and one that has patterning on every row. Now that the chart is memorized, it’s time to just knit knit knit.

Photo Friday: Roving

Just got this Cotton/Flax roving in the mail this week. I have yet to spin anything other than wool or alpaca, so I’m excited to try a plant fiber. It feels super soft, so I’m hoping it will achieve a soft yarn.