Photo Friday: A Late 30

 I forgot to post a few weeks ago that I officially turned 30. It’s weird to think that this is my actual age, when sometimes I feel like I am still 23. It’s amazing how much my life has changed and how much has happened in the last decade. The morning of my birthday I was awake early before my daughter got up, and I decided to start the day with some Bible journaling. Psalm 30:5 “…weeping may tarry for the night but JOY comes with the morning.” It would be easy to dwell on all the bad things that happened in my twenties and be fearful about the future, but this verse was a great reminder that with God there is always joy to be found. Only He can bring the type of joy that “turns mourning into dancing.” God has brought me a long way, and He is always there for me, so I am happy to say I have lived 30 years of life!

Ombré watercolor in purple, owl stamps, flower washi tape, and heart tab. All my favorite sort of things.

Photo Friday: Favorite Ripple


I am obsessed with this ripple pattern lately. I’m working on the edging of my second blanket using this pattern in a month, and I have plans for at least one more. Full blog post with finished blanket pictures coming soon.

Photo Friday: The First Three Blocks


I have crocheted the first three blocks in my 200 Blocks in 200 Days challenge (see previous post for more details). These scraps bring back a lot of memories from my early days of crocheting and tell the story of how my yarn choices have matured through the years. I can’t wait to finish my first week of squares and post my first update next Tuesday.

Photo Friday: Fiber Frenzy


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Photo Friday, so now that I’m getting back into blogging, it’s time to resurrect this feature. For those who are new followers, Photo Friday is basically a mini blog post that just focuses on one photo from that day or week.

For today, my photo shows the white wool that I dyed four different colors that will now become colorful rolags. I can’t wait to see how these will blend together.

Photo Friday: Hats


Four hats I knit as Christmas gifts for siblings. Each hat took less than 4 hours to make, which to me is definitely worth the time to avoid shopping in December.

Photo Friday: Lobster Mittens

 I can’t explain why I love these mittens so much. I don’t even like lobsters, either to eat or as cute companions. But when I saw the pattern for these mittens, I had to make them for myself as my new pair of mittens this upcoming winter. First mitten is done, and I’m about halfway through with the second one. Sometimes I just can’t explain why I knit what I knit.

Photo Friday: The Right Project Eventually

I’m currently working on a hat for Mr. Sheep to match his scarf I made him for Christmas. While looking for an accent color to make it stripey, I came across this “Pumpkin” skein of Lion Brand wool that I’ve had for at least six years. I don’t even remember why I bought this one skein by itself, but I’ve been saving it all these years for just the right project. It’s weird to think that I’ve had this yarn longer than I’ve known my husband, and I’m now using it to make him stuff. Every yarn in my stash eventually finds the right project; sometimes it just takes a lot longer for one lone skein.

Photo Friday: Chevron Baby Blankets

These two purple beauties will be for sale soon. I’m working on a shop update with lots of new handmade items and handspun yarn. Check back soon for when all the new stuff goes live.

Photo Friday: Shawls-In-Progress

Working on crocheting some shawls for my bridesmaids to wear in the wedding. One of these is already finished, but I haven’t gotten a picture yet of it completed. I have 2 more to make in this same yarn, but different patterns. I definitely like the speed at which crocheted shawls work up (aka much faster than knitting). Plus I’ve been itching to do some crochet projects, so these are very satisfying to work on.

Photo Friday: Stockings In-Progress

 When I’m not planning our wedding (or crafting for it), I’ve still been knitting on these. I’m on the last of 4 stockings, and then they need to be embellished and blocked. I can’t wait to finish this set so I can start on a different set for myself and my fiance for our first Christmas together. I’m definitely in the mood for holiday crafting!