Project Pictures

Happy March! I will officially be 21 in three days, 13 March, and I’m going to Disneyland. We are going to have so much fun. So before we leave, I’ve been working on finishing up some projects. First, my mom and I finished our first joint project, a gift for my aunt’s wedding. I’ll post pictures after the wedding. Second, I finished my first blanket to be donated to Project Linus. Here’s a pic:This is my own pattern–a straight granny square done in rows. This is also the first large afghan that I have made all in one piece.

Third, I finished the baby sweater for my cousin’s baby. It turned out to be one of the cutest things I’ve made, hood and all. Here’s the pic:
I’m so happy that I’m actually finishing projects. I have a bad habit of starting too many new projects without finishing the ones I’m working on. Right now my new love is mitered squares (from Mason Dixon Knitting). I’m making my second blanket for Project Linus out of these wonderfully hard squares. No pictures yet, after vacation!

Oh, here’s a picture I took of my crochet hooks. These belonged to my grandma and I cherish them very much.Check in for more pictures. I have a (borrowed) camera now, so I’m dangerous. I’m also starting research and work on my project for my folklore class, which will be about crocheted afghans and include lots of pictures.