Eyes Closed

Disney was wonderful, as usual. I love living the fantasy. I wanted to move into Cinderella’s castle, have meals everyday at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, and lounge around the day with the mallard ducks (they are everywhere in CA). I feel whimsical and artistic, so I have been writing and knitting a lot. Today on the bus I tried knitting with my eyes closed; it was breathtaking. I can’t go too many stitches with my eyes closed, but with more practice, I’ll be better.

But there is something meditative and soulful about feeling the knitting with my fingers and relying on my hands to move the needles and stitches. It’s like instinct. And memorization. Brain power. I’m sure the people sitting around me thought I was insane, but at least I was serene! Buses have been making me sick lately, so the knitting helps me with my carsickness (or bus-sickness??). I’ve been crocheting a lot too. No, I haven’t forgotten my first love–crochet. My project is getting underway for my folklore class, so I have been pouring over pattern books. Ah, inspiration.