First Time

First time knitting a sweater, that is. I have been reading knitting books and I have been inspired to keep trying new things. So since I don’t have enough projects going right now, I decided to start knitting my first sweater. Actually, it’s probably classified as a cardigan, but whatever. I picked my pattern two days ago (after searching for two days) and started on the back. It’s a simple four by two rib pattern that helps prevent boredom. I’m almost finished with the back–I survived shaping the armholes, which was easier than I expected. Actually, the whole sweater-knitting thing is surprisingly easy, especially since I measured and checked gauge. I adjusted the pattern to fit me, instead of just following blindly.

In fact, I don’t think I have knit or crocheted something in which I didn’t adjust the pattern. I’m constantly changing, tweaking, adjusting to fit my own personal style, or because I know a better way to knit/crochet it, or I just don’t like the original instructions. This need to alter has lead to my fondness for designing. I love the idea of creating my own patterns, and I have already created several, one of which was published, a second that won a contest, and a third that is in queue for acceptance. 

I need to get back to my sweater. Next I start the front pieces, which includes v-neck shaping.