Showing the Knitting a Good Time

For Mother’s Day, it was just us girls at home. My dad is in Malaysia for business, so the four of us went out for some fun yesterday. First, the traditional lunch at Peter Piper Pizza, then back home for gifts. I got my mom two light-up crochet hooks and some metal tapestry needles. These gifts may seem strange to the non-yarner, but she really liked them.

Then we went to the nail place cause my sis Wendy got Mom a free fill for her nails. Being the oddball of the family, I of course did not get a manicure or pedicure, so I decided to take the knitting out for a good time. I just got my book “Charmed Knits for Fans of Harry Potter” so I have been making bookscarves (aka bookmarks; very ingenious idea, my compliments to the designer). While everyone else was getting their nails done, I was using my hands to knit. Since there was a camera just lying around, the knitting asked if it could have its picture taken. Knitting can be very outgoing and pushy and expectant of pictures.

After the nails, we did what most women do on an afternoon out: went to the mall. I headed for the bookstore to pick up a book I had been wanting, “Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Casts Off.” Wendy finds me odd to buy books about knitting, not full of knitting patterns but actually written about knitting itself. Of course I didn’t help my case by laughing out loud while I was reading it in the car. Non-yarners just don’t understand. We ended our Mother’s Day at Chili’s for dinner. I had the chicken pita and then a chocolate mud-pie for dessert.The knitting was not happy to be left out in the car while I was eating this treat, but I assured it that chocolate and yarn are not good together.