I don’t know what it is about knitters, but we tend to gravitate towards pets with fur, especially fur that we hope could be made into yarn. I keep asking my mom if I can get a sheep or a llama, but she frowns on these suggestions. I don’t think a sheep would like the summer here in Phoenix nor would the neighbors like to listen to a sheep in the backyard all the time. So we have bunnies. I’ve never tried to harvest their fur because I don’t have the equipment to spin yarn (college or spinning wheel: tough decision). Rest assured, like sheep, bunnies’ fur is harvested through non-harmful means. All you have to do is brush them. Unfortunately, I don’t think these bunnies would like to be brushed.Bert is mostly black (first picture) and Ernie is mostly white with black speckles (above). These pictures were taken when they were only a couple weeks old. They are about twice the size now and they are growing into their “adult” bunny looks. They like it when I pet them, but they don’t realize that I’m thinking “ooh, this fur would be a lovely lace shawl.” I just wish I could use all this fur they shed for something besides a nice layer of carpet fluff.


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