Grannies for a Cause

I finished crocheting 15 granny squares to donate to the Hokie Healing Project for victims of Virginia Tech. This project is a wonderful testament of a community coming together to help in a time of sadness and aid in healing. A community of knitters and crocheters who knew that they needed to make blankets. I mailed the package off to Virginia, and now the squares are waiting to be sewn together with other squares. The blankets will first be displayed in a museum, then they will be donated to the families affected by Virginia Tech tragedy. I decided to make granny squares because I knew they would help balance out the other much more complex squares that people were making. The granny square is timeless and synonymous with warmth and love. You can see pictures of the squares people donated to the Mosaic Yarn shop and other stuff here.
It’s wonderful to think that I am a part of something of this magnitude, that my fifteen little squares will be part of a wooly memorial. The healing power of yarn.