First Secret Knitting Pal Package

I got my first package from my secret knitting pal in the mail today. It made my day to find this little box waiting for me, which has traveled all the way from Norway. Unfortunately since the package was sent overseas, my pal had to disclose her name. But I don’t mind and I love the things she sent me. I got some really unique things.Here’s the package contents:

  • Fruit candies that I think are called “Drammensdrops” (they are kind of like “Jolly Ranchers”)
  • A little tin with fruit-flavored mints (they are yummy)
  • Cute magnet with my initials
  • A miniature sheep figurine (I love sheep)
  • A miniature Norway souvenir calender with pictures of Norwegian Landscape
  • A beautiful little pair of mini socks I’m sure my secret pal knitted
  • 2 50gram skeins of “Inca” ultra-soft, super-fine alpaca in bright pink
  • A cute vintage-style square box that holds all the contents
  • A postcard from my secret pal

The little socks are so cute. They are just big enough to fit on my index finger to give you an idea of size. I can’t believe she made these little guys. It must have been difficult, I imagine.
This picture cannot do justice to this yarn. The super-fine alpaca is so soft and such a beautiful shade of pink. These are my first two skeins of alpaca ever and I’m really looking forward to working with this yarn. I plan to make a lace shawl or scarf.

Thank you so much secret pal; I really love everything you sent and your package made my day.