Secret Knitting Pals

I am so excited right now. I’m enjoying my job at Michael’s and I am part of a secret knitting pal exchange through facebook. I just got my pal’s name two days ago, and I already have some things for her package as well as so much more planned. Since I can’t talk about it in case she sees my blog, I thought I would post some things about me that might help my secret pal. Here are some things I think my pal might find interesting (for those reading who are not my secret pal, here are some interesting tidbits about me):

I work at Michael’s Craft store. I just started working here and it has been so much fun. I really want to collect a bamboo needle set, but the needles are sold separately at Michael’s. So far, I only have a pair of dpns size 8 in bamboo, and I love them.

I use acrylic, especially Caron Simply Soft. I make blankets for charity that are required to be from acrylic, so I already have a lot of acrylic. I would welcome any yarn, but hope for new brands I’ve never tried before (which is mostly anything that can’t be found in Michael’s or Walmart).

I am just getting into the fiber world, so I don’t know that much about brands. Right now my favorite brand is Cascade 220, but I’m also interested in merino and alpaca. I like Lion Brand wool ease and classic wool, as well as Patons classic wool. I would, however, like to try new brands and better yarns. I don’t really like cotton unless it is mercerized. I have sensitive skin, therefore, I don’t think mohair would agree well with me. I do fine with wools.

I will be a senior in college this year, and I want to make a lace shawl throughout the entire year as a special project to work for my senior year. I have just started my first lace project and I am already loving it. I want to get some really nice alpaca lace or fingering weight yarn in a pastel color (blue or purple) to make a circular or triangular lace shawl.

I’m a writer, so I love composition books, legal pads, notecards, and cheap Bic pens. I read constantly and have quite a library. I shop at Border’s Bookstore. I am also a huge Harry Potter fan, but I already have Charmed Knits.

I do not like Starbucks. Odd, I know, but I am a Jamba Juice girl. My favorite Jamba is Strawberries Wild (I love strawberries, as I mentioned). There is one on campus, so I frequent it often.

Here is a list of more specific colors I like: blue (all shades), purple (all shades, including and especially fuchsia), pink (all shades), melon colors, oranges (except for burnt orange), greens (except olive tones), creme and white but I don’t use them that often, ruby red (my grandma’s favorite color, so it has sentimental value), black as an accent color, yellow (all shades).

I hope this helps and I can’t wait for my first package. I love surprises, and I am looking forward to getting real mail.


3 thoughts on “Secret Knitting Pals

  1. Woo Hoo for Facebook Secreting Knitting Pals! It’s Tracey – found your site through the group. I’m equally as excited and hope to send out my package tomorrow after work! And I can’t wait till we start getting packages it’s going to be sooo much fun!Congrats at your new job at Micheals what a great place to work at – I’d be coming home with something new after every shift i’m sure!Oh and on a side note – i’m with you on the starbucks thing – not a fan – but then again I don’t like coffee so i guess that makes sense..ha haHave a great sunday!


  2. That’s a really good list for your pal. I think I was probably no help to mine – I’ll try anything was the theme of my questionnaire lolYou should definitely keep collecting the bamboo needles. i have lots of them and find them really easy on my hands when I have a lot of knitting to do and fast.I am dying to see a Michaels (I’m from the UK) – I’m in the states in November for a holiday so I must find one!


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