Purple Afghan

I’ve been knitting a lot, but not taking a lot of pictures. I finished knitting my first pair of socks: just a simple pattern from a new book. They are cute and fit my tiny feet perfectly! Unfortunately, I haven’t had the heart to wear them yet for fear I will wear them out too soon! Oh well. When it finally cools down and feels like Fall, I’ll slip them on.

I sent off my Secret Knitting Pal’s second package last Friday. It’s been so much fun finding yarn and goodies for someone I’ve never met. I don’t even know what she looks like, but it doesn’t matter. I like knitting stuff for a knitter because I know that she will appreciate the gift on a different level from non-knitters. I’m still waiting for my second package from my secret pal. I’m driving my mom crazy because I’m constantly asking “did you check the mail today? did I get anything?” Oh package, where art thou?

I think my classmates might consider me crazy. Last Wednesday for my Writing and Being class, I took an afghan with me that was crocheted by my Grandma. I had written a poem about the Christmas that I received my purple afghan, and I wanted to bring the afghan with me to class. So I did. I passed it around so that people could feel it and see it as I read the poem. It felt good just to have the afghan close.

Here’s a picture and my poem:

Purple Afghan

I remember
waking up to my grandparents ringing the doorbell
then sitting in the family room; the Christmas tree,
blinking multi-colored lights hidden behind
hundreds of ornaments and mounds of presents.

I remember
sitting on the floor in my nightgown with my sisters,
lined up in a row like bread rolls baking in the oven,
anticipating each package as Mom handed them to us
one by one, watching our expressions until they were
glowing, golden brown.

I remember
seeing three lumpy packages off to the side
hidden in the office, separated from the others,
knowing that they had only just arrived that morning.

But mostly, I remember
ripping off the green decorated wrapping paper
to find a purple, lilac, and creme afghan,
my favorite colors lined up in rows of yarn,
hand-crocheted by my Grandma.


3 thoughts on “Purple Afghan

  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous blanket – I love it!And I know what you mean about socks, mine have only been worn about the hose without shoes so far to protect them! lol


  2. I was hoping to see a new blanket on your blog tonight and I find three plus a lovely poem. I like all the blankets, but the purple one has the most graphic appeal. Did your grandmother know you liked purple? Thanks for sharing this with us!


  3. Aw, that’s really beautiful. The bestest thing for a handcrafter to hear is that their gift is loved, even better if it is also used. Thanks for sharing your poem. That blanket is really nice! Terrific design and color.


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